[Multi-Year Annuity Rate Guarantees]
Phone to confirm Annuity Rates
Which are Updated Periodically

Three Years ... 2.00%
Five Years ... 2.80%

[Five Years ...3.10% (with "B" rated insurance company)]
Six Years ...3.00%
Seven Years ... 3.10%
Eight Years ...3.15%
Ten Years ...3.30%

Annuity Rates shown are "average annual rates" for the period indicated. Annuity
rates are available to most residents of states in which Mr. Walsh is licensed.
Please contact 301-575-4127 to determine if you qualify.
Annuity Rates are subject to change without notice.

For more information or for an annuity application, please phone:
Mr. Walsh is an expert in the annuity business and
has offered annuities since 1996.

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The application of interest rates and other provisions of each
annuity purchased are subject to the terms of each annuity contract.
Please call concerning all fixed Guarantee Annuites.